Jonathan & Gracie | East Bernard, Texas

Being apart of J & G’s wedding day makes you feel like you are family. Their December wedding was nothing but stunning and full of the best emotions. Photographing Jonathan and Gracie’s wedding day was as if I was able to get a little slice of joy and pure happiness. The purest of love shined through their images. The tight hugs Jonathan would give his soon to be wife as he saw her for the first time. It was like capturing the perfect love story. A true honor to be apart of this precious couple’s authentic story.

Jonathan and Gracie met when she was 15 and he was 16 at a youth volunteer event at their church. Gracie said “He once told me that after the first time we talked he knew he was going to marry me. Throughout the week we crossed paths quite a few times and I found out he was super skilled at piano. He ended up offering me lessons so we could have a reason to hangout and he gave me the only keyboard he had at the time (telling me it was an extra) time went on and we became best friends!

For Gracie & Jonathan, the location of their wedding was an important factor. Holding it on Jonathan’s grandparents property in Texas was a way for them to continue their families legacy of open land, family founded town, and to be able to just have their wedding be an atmosphere of a huge family dinner—COVID aside. It gave them the ability to give back to people the freedom to choose where they went and how. It also gave them the opportunity to get married in a place that has so much history in it. “Jonathans side of the family helped found East Bernard, and the house was built near a century ago by a great grandfather of his. Family there means everything and holding it in a countryside home made that even more amplified for us. The best part is that we get to go back again and again. Eventually we dream our kids will play on those hills and we will get to tell them about the time we threw a massive party in the name of love despite COVID. “

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December 18, 2020