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My journey with photography began a little before I met my husband at the age of seventeen. I was so inspired by light and creativeness. Yet, I had no idea this aspiration could lead me towards being an entrepreneur or professional wedding photographer. Shortly after we got married, I booked my first wedding at twenty years old. From then on, my heart was hooked on capturing love. I have always had a heart for people, and relationships. Being invited into the lives of the sweetest couples, I am forever grateful. They are the ones that make my world spin. 

I have found that it is those little compliments, the raw emotion, & the honest moments that make it hard to even imagine loving a job more! 

I am so THANKFUL and excited to learn more about you and the love story that brought you here!
                Isn’t LOVE INCREDIBLE?! 

                 I can’t wait to meet you!

" There are few photographers in this world who can get our sparrow hears racing. There is something about her images that puts a little lump in our throats. Amanda has a way of capturing raw, beautiful emotion that is hiding just underneath the gorgeous."     


Sara - Editor, Wedding sparrow blog

"HIRE HER. You won't regret it! We are two people that aren't very comfortable in front of a camera, but Amanda pulled it out of us in such a natural & fun way. She is so talented - the lighting, backgrounds, attention to details - it's crazy! She makes it seem SO easy & is so quick. There were multiple times I thought did she take it? And she was already moving to the next shot, and nailed the one she just took. I can't say enough about her- she cares about you as a couple & takes your opinions into consideration, and adjust per preference. She as a joy to work with & we look forward to future shoots with her! "


connor & erica - ONE OF MY SWEET 2017 COUPLES

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This man, who I am so lucky to call my husband is my rock through this thing called life. He is the calm to my storm, the joke to my laugh & and I wholeheartedly fall in love with him more & more each day. 

My Husband - Austin


Fresh flowers make my day, and I always try to have them in my house. My wedding bouquet was a dream come true. So simple, and full of peonies. We are actually adding a spot in our garden for peonies, tulips & roses! 



These two are so special to Aus & I. Their personalities truly make our worlds spin.I know that sounds so cliche, but these are our fur babes & we LOVE them so much! 


Kona & Gracie

My get-away of choice. There is something so refreshing & renewing about the ocean. I always come back feeling so at peace. It truly reveals God's glory and His magnificence


The Ocean

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