Spring Inspiration in Claire Pettibone | Santa Ynez

There is something so refreshing about Spring. The fresh new blooms, the green that comes to life after a long winter, and of course the start of wedding season for many! This editorial embodies down to the delicate details of what Spring holds. Claire Pettibone says it best when designing the very gown for this editorial ” when I designed the Chloris gown for the The Three Graces collection, Botticeclli’s painting Primavera infused my inspiration. This editorial by Britt Jones Co. reveals and embodies the sweetness of Spring”

What better time to view some Spring wedding inspiration as the very beginnings of Spring itself are upon us.

Planning + Design – @britt.jones.co

Photography – @amanda.callaway

Venue –  @sunstonewinery

Florals – @solstice_bloom

Rentals – @partypleasers

Stationery –  @katewisemancreative

Linens –  @nuagedesigninc

Cake -@delaneysdesserts

Car –  @redempta.rentals

Dresses @clairepettibone

Beauty  – @veiledvanityartistry

Jewelry – @elizabethbowerofficial

Shoes – @somethingbleu_


March 24, 2022